Creative plates of SHIGARAKICreative plates of SHIGARAKI

Shigaraki ware has been celebrated from the 13th century until now.
Embodying the warmth of the soil and fire nurtured by Lake Biwa,
this is art born from the skill of artisans and nature.


Great spice to
compliment your
Great spice to
compliment your meals

“Food” is something that brings special experiences and happiness to people.

In order to make meals even more enjoyable and memorable, we take on the challenge of making design that meets the needs of our customers. Leave it to us to design tableware that compliments your meals.


Stimulating special
moments with chefs

KANEUMA is an original pottery brand developed by Kaneuma Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1880. Shigaraki ware is made from the ancient soil of Lake Biwa, which is the biggest lake in Japan and has a history of 4 million years. The life that has been nurtured in the rich environment of Lake Biwa has grown into layers over a long period of time, creating the ideal soil for ceramics.

We provide quality tableware for quality dishes in order for chefs to enjoy presenting their cuisine, as well as for diners to feel the story of the food and the tableware. KANEUMA provides special moments with chefs in Japan and around the world.


These are vessels created by the mischief of the gods who live in all things and the necessity of craftsmen. The vessels we make are handmade, from small to large items.
Feel the art born from the skill of artisans and nature, as well as the warmth of the soil and flames nurtured by Lake Biwa.


Since 1880

Company name
Kaneuma Co., Ltd.(http://www.kaneuma.jp/
Head Office
1136 Shigarakicho-Nagano, Koka, Shiga, JAPAN 529-1851
Sales Office
1353-4 Shigarakicho-Nagano, Koka, Shiga, JAPAN 529-1851


We look forward to food collaborations with chefs and restaurants around the world.

With the traditional techniques cultivated in Shigaraki and the creative ideas of artisans, we will help you to enhance the chef's unique cuisine.
Please feel free to contact us regarding custom orders.